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Whoever chants the hundred syllables
Is not beset by poverty or woe.
His enemies are crushed and
All his wishes are fulfilled.

Whoever chants the hundred syllables
Obtains a son if a son he wants,
Or wealth if wealth he wants.
If land he Jacks, then land he gains.

Whoever wants longevity
Should chant the hundred syllables,
And, when he thinks his years are spent,
He'll find three hundred more are sent!
The same man, happy in this world,
In Sukhavati21 will be born.

Whoever chants the hundred syllables,
Is safe from khanJro, jungpo, rolang,
And from demons of forgetfulness.2•

If they recite the hundred syllables, Evildoers, too, will see the Buddha. If he recites the hundred syllables, A fool will gain intelligence, A luckless man turn fortunate. Change and frustration will be destroyed, The worst wrongdoer, purified. In this and other lives as well, He will a (a/travarlin21 be, And finally, in freedom rest, And Buddhahood attain.

It is said that if you strenuously [practice this meditation and recite this mantraJ your minor and moderate misdeeds will be completely purified. Your major misdeeds. will not increase but be suppressed and gradually purified. Generally speaking, if you truly believe in [the doctrine of] action and result you will inevitably regret your harmful deeds. Then your Confession will be genuine. All this seems to imply that realization will inevitably follow purification. But those of us who mere!y mouth the prayers and affect the